Sunday, October 12, 2008


Hey everyone! So sorry for the delay in posting....all that "fighting the global war on terror" kind of got in the way of posting more frequently. Seriously, though, here are a few updates of what's been going on.

I have been working steadily towards my goal of running 100 miles. I run 4 times a week, and right now I have 64 miles completed. For all you non-math-geniuses, that's 36 miles left. 3 days a week I swim, and I'm up to about 25 laps (or 1 hour), whichever comes first. In fact, I'm having so much fun between these two activities that I've decided to add another: biking. That's right- I'm thinking of signing up for a sprint triathlon. I think it will be a blast! Anyone who wants in on the training/racing fun please let me know!

I am starting to get a bit anxious to get home. One of the (many) things I am looking forward to doing is baking. I can't wait to get back in my little kitchen (please hold the woman-get-in-the-kitchen jokes.) One of my favorite things to bake is Pumpkin Cookies. They're basically chocolate-chip cookies with pumpkin and whole oats- wonderfully moist and cake-y. I will truly try to remember to post the recipe later this week.

Finally, who has seen this gorgeous picture of Angelina Jolie breastfeeding? Apparently Brad Pitt himself took it. I love how you can see the wee little hand in the picture. You go, girl! 

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