Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We did it! We just threw out.....

...our last disposable diaper! At home, anyways. I'm not saying we won't occasionally use them when we're out, but I'm so glad to be done with them for the most part!

Can I just say I love, love, love our diapers?!?! And guess what? It's been a week, and so far, no leaks! I'm really surprised- I expected to love our FuzziBunz pockets, but I'm really starting to prefer our prefolds and covers- we have both Bummis Super Whisper Wraps and Super Brites. I prefer the Super Brites because they have two gussets instead of one. Our FuzziBunz are one-size, so we'll only need to move up sizes in covers and prefolds, and even that won't be for quite a while. Still, I think I'll be ordering lots more prefolds before I invest in any more pockets. I hate stuffing them, and it annoys me that they take longer to dry. I love being able to just wipe out a cover and reuse it for the next change. Also, I really have the routine down with prefolds. The FuzziBunz have six snaps on them, and by the time I get all of them snapped, I could have already gotten a Snappi on a prefold. Even Brett can get Lucy in a prefold- I'm sooo proud. I can't wait to get some wool soakers (hopefully in pretty colors!) for nighttime. This won't be a priority until Lucy starts sleeping through the night, though. For wipes solution, we are using Baby Bum drops. There's something so nice about pulling a soft flannel-and-terry cloth out of the warmer, especially when it's scented with lavender, mandarin, and calendula!

In eco-friendly news...I got my clothesline up today! There's something so old-fashioned and lovely about hanging up cloth diapers outside. It sounds crazy but I really enjoyed doing laundry today. Of course, having Lucy in the Moby with me enjoying the beautiful fall weather outside helped too! If it's this nice tomorrow we'll definitely be taking a blanket in the yard and playing outside.

Also, I scheduled today to have Lucy's pictures done. She'll be 2 1/2 months old by then, but I don't mind that she'll be a little older because she'll be able to hold her head up better and make cute faces (not that she doesn't do that already!) I don't have many good pictures of Brett and I together, so I can't wait to get some great family shots. Tracie Birch does beautiful work, and we're hoping to take some outside shots in Clemson. In a couple of weeks the leaves will be changing, so hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Note to self: If you leave the house with baby in FuzziBunz, and your diaper bag has prefolds and covers, remember to throw in a Snappi. Epic fail on my part today!


Kacie said...

Sounds great! My husband prefers Thirsties Duos + a prefold, and I prefer the pockets. Our son is so squirmy (and strong!) that it's hard for me to get a prefold snappied on him anymore.

We use flushable diaper liners whenever it's been awhile since he's had a BM. They make clean up a lot easier! We have a diaper sprayer, but his stools are just too sticky right now.

Maybe once he's totally on solids we won't need those liners, but for now I love em!

Love your clothesline!

Kacie said...

OH! And if you ever find yourself without a snappi and you have a prefold and a snug cover, just fold the dipe into thirds and lay it in.

That's what we typically do with our prefolds anyway. We do a sort of newspaper fold so it stays tucked into itself and has doubled fabric in the front.

Jenny said...

Seems like we would've been more successful with the prefolds if we'd just laid them in the cover rather than trying to Snappi them. Maybe it would've also been better to get some thinner (cheaper) ones. I never would've guessed! Oh well, we are doing okay now. I may order a couple more covers, though. They always seem to be in the wash.

I am so jealous of your clothesline! It's so homey and domestic. All you need now is an apple pie cooling on your windowsill ;-) I mentioned possibly getting a clothesline to Jordan a couple of weeks ago. It would be perfect for us because Suzi could play in the yard and both the girls could get some fresh air while I worked. Our dryer is on its last leg and I suspect it is running up our power bill. It takes up to 90 minutes to fully dry an average load! We really don't have space to hang stuff up in the house, but I always hang our covers because they last longer that way. My mom told me she used to hang my brothers' diapers out to dry but in the winter, they'd freeze into a board.