Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lucy Mae update.

Today Lucy went in for her (rather belated) 2-month-well-baby-appointment. It was belated because we have to see a ped on base now, but that's a whole other can of worms that I don't feel like opening now. Anyways, some stats: Lucy is now tipping the scales at 12 lbs even, and is 24" long. Quite a change from her newborn stats (6 lbs, 3.5 oz and 19 3/4")! The rest of her appointment was pretty uneventful, as we are not starting her immunizations until she is 6 months old, and then it will be selectively. Some skills the doctor checked out/Lucy has displayed lately:
- Sucking her thumb. (She can always get at least a fist, but is getting more adept at just the thumb. She even once spit out her paci, raised ONE eyebrow at me, and stuck in her thumb. I can't make this stuff up!)
- Pulling up her head and chest during tummy time.
- Following my voice (She especially does this when I get home from work every day).
- Holding her head up- I credit lots of sling time for this one. She has awesome head and neck control.
- Extremely vocal. Lucy does not hesitate to voice either her joy or her discontent. Instead of crying, she does a lot of loud complaining- the ped referred to it today as the "angry kitten."
- Still infatuated with lights and ceiling fans. We are very much looking forward to putting up our Christmas tree- I'm sure she'll love it.
- Loves music! We listen to all kinds, from children's Christian to classical. She especially likes the Classical Baby dvds I bought last week- I highly recommend them. We purchased the 3-piece set, plus the poetry edition. She loves looking at the tv, so I figured we'd make it productive/educational.
- Lucy also loves listening to books, even more so when Brett and I do funny voices and add noises with the rattle. My favorite right now is Let's Dance, Little Pookie, but we love the Little Critter books, too. Try singing the words and shaking the rattle to the beat- so fun! We are looking forward to starting signing as soon as I get around to getting a book (I think we will use ASL instead of "baby sign") and Your Baby Can Read in a few more months.

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Jenny said...

How did you like her doctor? They didn't give you any crap about delaying vaxes, did they? That's so funny about her raising her eyebrow and sucking her thumb!