Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lucy at 4 months.

I absolutely cannot believe that Lucy is four months old today! Wow, has time flown.
Right now, Lucy....
- Weighs about 13 lbs, 10 oz. That's according to our scale at home, and I'm anxious for her upcoming well-baby visit to see how long she is (she's so wiggly that I don't even really keep up on this on my own).
- Has outgrown so many things! I try to remember to put her in cute outfits and take pictures, because we've had to pack up so much already. Right now she's mainly in 3-6 or 6 month clothes, but that's also because her cloth diapers are bigger than disposables.
- Tries SO hard to sit up. Whenever she's on a flat surface Lucy desperately works on this- it looks like she's doing crunches all the time! She can almost sit on her own- if I sit her up, she can balance for a few seconds without falling over.

- Loves to sit in the Maya sling looking out, instead of in the infant hold in the Moby. She seems to be more comfortable sitting in the Maya than in the outward-facing position in the Moby, and since it's easier for me to nurse her in the Maya, I don't mind. Because Lucy hates tummy time, I try to carry her in the sling a lot to help develop her neck and upper-body muscles.
- Still hasn't rolled over yet. Lucy will play by herself for 20 minutes or so on her back, and she she can easily pick up her head, kick around and rock back and forth, but doesn't show any interest in rolling over. On her belly, she's only content for about a minute (at least, that's what it feels like!)
- Chews on everything! I bought her a Sophie for Christmas, but Lucy seems more interested in her hands, her blanket, and her bib. She is becoming adept at grabbing nearby items and getting them to her mouth very quickly- I had to move fast this morning to grab a Snappi away before she could chomp on it.
- Is so vocal. I swear we have a miniature Mariah Carey on our hands, because Lucy screeches at decibels normally only heard by dogs. Most of the time she is just happily listening to her own voice, but watch out if she's angry! I've also noticed that if she's playing by herself, she's start by yelling at a lower level, then look around. If no one seems to be paying attention to her, she'll increase the volume until someone does. Pretty funny to see!
- Likes to have a silky or "lovey" by her face when she falls asleep. We take it away once she's out, because she seems to like to pull things over her face and it makes me nervous.
- Really enjoys standing up. I bought her an exersaucer this week, and she loves it. I do tuck a towel in the seat to make her a little more stable, because the seat is so big. She especially likes looking in the "mirror" on the saucer and talking to herself.

- Must be going through a growth spurt right now. I cannot believe how much she's been eating, and how frequently! Instead of eating once at night, it's been more like three. Lucy has been napping more than usual, too.
- Is still in her size small prefolds and covers. It's getting more difficult to get the prefolds around her, though, so it's lucky that I got a Full Bloom gift card for Christmas! I may skip the medium prefolds, go straight to large, and just fold them down. I'll have to get my hands on some to better compare.

We still love our cloth diapers, and have had NO issues with leaks, even overnight. Still, I'm anticipating that she'll become more of a heavy-wetter as she gets old, so I've been looking a lot at wool soakers and longies. They seem so comfy and beautiful, and reportedly work great. I've been aching to get my hands on some, and Le Petit Owlet is running a giveaway right now. Head over for a chance to win one of her gorgeous pieces (she even has cashmere!) Good luck- but if you win and I don't, I can't promise I won't be jealous :-)


StrongFeather said...

I thought I would "fold down" on my prefolds too. But when I got them is was like WHOA! they are huge. if you can, try and see the size before you order :)

Ed and Elizabeth said...

Yay! Almost sitting up! That is sooo exciting! :) She is so beautiful and seems so happy. Keep up the good work! You're a good Mommy!

StrongFeather said...

yea, i had to start a new blog in order to fix my broken "follow me" section. I am not good with this software, so the easiest way to fix it was just to make a new one :) Glad you found me again.