Monday, February 22, 2010

Solids. *Sigh*

I've decided that I've been putting off starting Lucy on solids for selfish reasons. I love exclusively breastfeeding her, and I think subconsciously I associate starting solids with growing up and (gasp) the beginning of weaning (even though I plan on practicing child-led-weaning). The fact is that she will be six months old next week (double gasp), and besides that, she is definitely ready and willing to start. Lucy has been gawking at us while we eat for weeks now, she can sit up (supported) indefinitely, and by herself for a minute or so- more if she doesn't lean over to pick something up! She loves to mouth everything and anything, and absolutely loves the bits of avocado and potato I give her off my plate. Lucy even opens her mouth expectantly when I pick up food to eat it.

I guess the bottom line is this is a case of baby being ready and willing before mama!

Anyways, we're starting rice cereal on Friday, mainly because I want Brett to be here when we do so he can help/enjoy. We'll start with an evening meal following a nursing session so as not to hurt my supply, and because we can follow up with her bath (strategic planning, I know.) I think setting a date will also help me come to terms with it. Am I just crazy, or has anyone else gotten this emotional over solids?


SA said...

I'm right there with you. Nursing is so much easier, relaxing, bonding...

So far, Abigail hasn't been a big fan of her solids, so maybe she's not ready yet? Who knows.

Good luck with the transition!

Ed and Elizabeth said...

I had no choice, Jack started LUNGING at us when we had food. He would drool over it worse than the dog and intently watch it go into our mouths. Poor baby, he wanted some. You will be okay. They grow up WAY too fast, but eventually you just accept that fact and enjoy every stage. Jack is starting to be quite the little comedian. You will be sad for a second that she is getting bigger...and then realize you are wasting time being sad when you could be soaking up what she is about to do next! :) You won't miss the baby phases...b/c you will have more babies eventually. I think it is time to get sad when you know/think you are on your last kid. Then you REALLY will miss every baby step. :(

Denise said...

Interestingly enough, I was not conflicted about starting solids. I guess I was so excited because she seemed to be so interested in our food... It was a way to indulge her curiosity and have fun with her. :) I really had fun starting.

I think I'll struggle more with weaning. I'm not even that close to my goal (to try to reach 18 months and then just watch what when she wants to wean)... But still, when Jonathan says things like, "Shouldn't she be ready to drop her 1-2 am feeding?" I cringe inwardly. And truthfully, if she were ready, I think she's just start sleeping through it. :)

I am proud of you for recognizing the part of you that wanted to hang on to Lucy's "babyhood" a little longer. It's a wise momma who can see when her child's ready and she's not so much. I hope it goes so well, that you can enjoy it!!! Get videos. It's SUPER cute!

Ida Mae said...

we haven't started yet. our pedi asked we wait until 6 months 9and lucky for me she meant "adjusted" but Sam is ready... as is my husband.

I am mourning it a bit as well, though.

take lots of pictures and share them, and I will do the same as well!

~Ida Mae

Beth said...

I was excited about it, although I was a little unsure if I was doing the right thing since she was only 5 months. I'm glad I went with my gut though. Oh, and we skipped rice cereal and started with sweet potatoes - she LOVED them. I do give her cereal sometimes mixed in with runnier food, but I heard that babies sometimes don't really like cereal and also they don't need the carbs. (although they do need the iron, which is why I give her some)

Emily said...

Thanks SA!
Elizabeth- That is exactly how Lucy is acting! She stole the straw out of my chikfila lemonade yesterday and stuck it in her mouth :-)
Denise- I think mama instincts trump daddy instincts- that's just me :-)
Ida Mae- I will def. take pics and you better do the same!
Beth- We will be starting with cereal, only because I want to make sure she gets enough iron. I've already let her sneak avocado, though! Once she gets plain cereal down, we'll move to fruits/veggies mixed in. But I know I have to be flexible, because who knows what she'll like?

Ida Mae said...

I feel like I should know what to do, or how to feed him. Are you looking at any books, websites, etc? We'll get the green light from the pedi on Monday and I know my husband will want to jump right in!

Denise said...

I agree w/ Momma instincts trumping Daddy instincts. Even the best Daddy isn't as connected to his child as a mother can be. but especially in our case. I'm just more nurturing. :) Not that I have to tell you that! My hubby would be taking her outside without socks and a hoodie too. :)