Friday, November 19, 2010

We've been busy...

...hence going over a week between posts. There's no other way to put it- things have been crazy around here. Goose is more of a handful than ever, and working, keeping track of her, getting ready for the Deuce, and doing the million and one other things that keep our home together are starting to become overwhelming. Thank goodness for an amazing husband who doesn't mind washing diapers, can cook, and does an all-around awesome job keeping the house in order!

Some of what we've been up to:

- Re-configuring the nursery for TWO babies. And no, we're not planning on putting the Deuce in the crib at night- I just like having a safe place to put him/her down. And to store things out of Goose's reach :-)

- Getting up to date on Lucy's scrapbook and baby book.

- Knitting! I am so hooked right now. These are my first stabs at longies and a hat for the Deuce. Tonight I also cast-on for my first attempt at a baby sweater, and I bought some beautiful chocolate-brown wool today for babylegs-esq legwarmers for the Deuce as well.

- Setting up a mini changing area for nighttime changes....I obviously don't want to have to go into the nursery at night to change the Deuce and risk waking the Goose up. Also have a nursing area, although I am pretty much a pro at sleeping and nursing a baby at the same time. This will likely only be used until the Deuce catches on to nursing in the side-laying position.

- Washing all of our gender-neutral baby clothes and putting them away, as well as re-arranging lots of other things in the house to make room for all the little-baby stuff.

- Getting my maternity photos taken. I had a blast with Ashley and can't wait to show off the end result!

- Working towards tandem nursing (or at least the opportunity to try it) one session at a time.

- Keeping Lucy from putting bags over her head.

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