Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Day in the Life...aka why I haven't had time to blog.

11:00 pm Bedtime.

3-4:00 am Lucy wakes up at least once. Nurse her and put her back to sleep.

This inevitably wakes up Junie. Go back to sleep while nursing her down.

5:15 Alarm goes off. Shower & get ready for work.

6:30 Change both girls, one last nursing session.

6:45 Out the door for work.

7:15 Arrive at work.

8:45 Pumping session #1

11:00 Workout #1- Run 3-4 miles. Quick shower, back to work.

12:00 Pumping session #2. Eat lunch at same time.

3:00 Pumping session #3

4:30 Leave work for home.

5:00 Arrive at home- nurse girls.

5:30 Prepare dinner and eat.

6:30 Lucy’s bathtime followed by pajamas and stories.

7:15 Lucy’s in bed.

7:30 Junie’s eating again. Clean up house- mainly Lucy clutter.

8:00 Workout session #2- P90X

9:30 Shower, recovery drink. Prep for tomorrow- make/pack breakfast and lunch, etc.

10:30 Catch up on email, little bit of free time

11:00 Bedtime


- 3 pumping sessions

- 9 hours of out-of-home work

- 2 ½ hours of working out

- At least 2 nursing sessions for Lucy, more likely 4

- Allowance for 6.25 hours of sleep, but with wake-ups it’s really more like 4-5 hours. Getting in bed before 11:30 is a miracle.

No wonder I’m exhausted! You’ll notice there’s almost no time in my day for housework, laundry, or cooking- thank goodness for a rockstar husband who takes of it all for me. I don’t know what I’d do without him.


Jenny said...

I don't know how you find the energy to work out after all that breastfeeding and pumping and general parenting. Wow. I am getting kind of worried about what my days (and nights) will look like once #3 arrives!

Denise said...

Um.... Yikes. I just hope your weekends are times you take off from pumping so much and working out. What a pace!