Thursday, November 3, 2011

Poor Bug!

For the first year of Lucy's life, I was *so* diligent about updating the blog with all her milestones. Her first solid food, words, steps...all were duly recorded.

Poor Junie! I haven't done nearly as well with keeping up with her development. We've been good about taking pictures, but...her poor scrapbook is months behind. Luckily I had the foresight to purchase a "baby's first year" photography package when she was first born, so I do have some amazing portraits for her.

Ironically enough, Junie has actually been hitting all her major milestones *much* sooner than Lucy did. At almost 11 months, Junie:

- walks all over the house!
- is very vocal: can say mama, dada, bug-bug
- enjoys playing with her big much as Lucy will let her
- loves dancing to music
- still takes 3 bottles a day, but can drink just fine out of a sippy cup
- eats lots of solids, including nearly everything we eat at the table
- goes to bed when we do, but sleeps in until after I'm out the door for work
- usually has one nursing session during the night, after work, and before bed
- smiles almost all the time- she has the sunniest disposition!
- hangs out on my back whenever she can

We love our Junie Bug!

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