Tuesday, June 5, 2012

From two to one.

Lucy weaned.

For all intensive purposes, anyway. She still asks maybe 1-2 times a week, and I humor her, but she seldom even latches anymore.

Our first nursing session. It was so cool that everyone wanted to watch.

I wish I could tell you a sweet sentimental story about her last "real" nursing. 

But the truth is, it happened so gradually that I don't remember it. 

We nursed everywhere- like on a plane.

I think that's the beautiful reality of extended breastfeeding and child-led weaning. Nursing has become so ingrained into daily life that you don't think about it- it just is. Because she's not dependent on you for nutritive purposes, you're not keeping track of when she nursed last. Then sessions are occasionally dropped as her interest in everything else grows. Still the nighttime and morning nursings hold her close.

Then she starts falling asleep on her own, and creeps into your bed for a morning nurse less and less frequently.

I was nervous to start you on big-girl food.

One day you realize you can't remember the last time she was at your breast. 

Thank you, Lucy, for the journey. The past 32 months have tested me, taught me, and brought me more joy than I could have ever imagined. We nursed despite the necessary pump and bottles, despite my pregnancy with Junie and the formula supplementation that came with it. 

We even nursed at Clemson baseball games!

I'll never forget the first time you nursed after Junie was born and my milk came back- the joy on your little face. 

Some tandem-nursing love.

And I'll always remember how gracefully you shared your "nums" with your little sister, who, at 18 months, looks as though she is dangerously close to following in your weaning footsteps. I love how you finished your most recent nursing attempt with, "Junie's turn next."

One of our daily before-work nursing sessions.

Please, time, slow down. 

All grown up!

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Jenny said...

So well written, what a neat journey... Makes me realize I need to get Danny to snap a few nursing pictures because I don't think I have any... Love all yours, priceless memories! Good job Lucy!