Wednesday, April 30, 2008

First post!

I have tried blogging numerous times. Dabbling, I'd call it. Anyways, I always vow that I will faithfully devote time to blog upkeep, which inevitably falls through after a week or so. This time, I will make no such resolution, but instead hope for the best! So here goes....

A synopsis of today:

7:00 am - Woken up by Chuck's whining. He wanted out of his kennel. Stumbled out of bed, let the dogs out, fed them breakfast, go back to bed. 
10:00 am - Woken up again, this time by Brett. Got up for good, shower, let dogs out again, kenneled the Chuckster (requirement when I'm not home, but Savannah is allowed to roam the house), headed out the door for some shopping pre-physical therapy.

Stopped in at VS. I'm a huge sucker for a good coupon, so I couldn't pass one up that granted a free panty plus ten dollars off a bra. Being the boring person that I am, I invested in another Ipex Wireless. I swear that the day they stop making that bra, I will buy out all inventory.  

Hobby Lobby had some good deals. I may be headed back tomorrow for a piece of furniture for the kitchen, but in the mean time I picked up some pinking shears to finish off a project I'm working on for my new cousin. Pictures will follow if I can remember to take some when I'm done. Let's just say it involves my new sewing machine and  farm-themed fabric. I also got a new plant stand and a hosta (on another stop) for my front walk.

Am I the only person obsessed with TJ Maxx lately? I love that place. I always seem to find at least one great thing. Lately there have been a ton of Lilly Pulitzer dresses there, and I'm not one to pass up a great deal on a sundress. 

So on to physical therapy. I broke my finger last month, and I haven't been able to bend been it since. Inconveniently it happens to be the middle finger on my right finger. Go figure. I went in for surgery last week, and the doctor intended to put pins in. Once I went in, though, he decided to do "manipulation," which is fancy talk for yanking/bending/pulling my poor finger. A week later, I am finally feeling borderline normal. However, I still have to go to physical therapy every weekday for the next two weeks. Long story short, physical therapy sucks hard. I tried to be brave and not cry and was mostly successful. But I definitely am not looking forward to going back tomorrow. 

Finished off the day with my usual perusing off Perez Hilton/ the Superficial/ TMZ. Gotta get my taste of the celebrity gossip.  Oh, worked a TON of the garden too, but more on that tomorrow. Last but not least- ANTM! So glad Whitney made it through. Seriously starting a "We Hate Dominique" club. But I digress....

My finger has one more date with a heating pad and medieval torture device before bed, so it's time to get that out of the way. NIGHT!

p.s. also (impulsively) decided to get my belly-button redone today. I figured if I'm going to have a permanent scar (from the first time I had it done) I might as well hide it with cute jewelry. 

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Welcome back to blogging. Can't wait to read what all is going on with you, girl.

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