Monday, August 18, 2008

I hate packing...

.......especially when it's for a long period of time! Sorry I haven't written in a while, but I'm crazy busy getting ready for an extended trip out of country, if you catch my drift. In between packing, doing last minute errands, and studying, I've been working on my winter garden. I figure that if I plant it now I will have even MORE to look forward to when I get home! Here's a list of what I either have already planted or will plant this week:

-sugar snap peas
-green beans
-lettuce (Bibb and a variety mix)
-greens (turnip, mustard, and collard)
-a few more tomatoes

And I'm hoping to obtain some garlic this week as well. The tomato "suckers" that I started are also ready to plant, and I moved most of my potted plants into the yard. Brett will take care of my Christmas cactus and the rest of my houseplants, and I will be moving my herbs indoors. I feel the worst about abandoning my hummingbirds. I have to refill the feeder every other day or so- that's how many visit! I love watching them :0) If I had an amazing camera I would take a cool picture of them for y'all. Although I was sad to tear out all my summer crops, I am grateful to live in a place that manages to squeeze two growing seasons into one year! 

In case you needed a laugh, here is a ridiculous picture of me from this weekend. I was busy cooking dessert, and was caught off guard. I have no shame.

Coming tomorrow: some pics from my family's home in Pennsylvania- including some Old Order Amish homes near us (don't worry- I respect the People enough not to take pictures of them- even if it is tempting sometimes.)

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