Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cheesemaking Woes.

So all week I was planning on updating with a blog attesting to my prowess in the kitchen- namely, pictures showing me making homemade cheese. However, despite following the directions in my New England Cheese 30-Minute Mozzarella Kit to the tee, TWICE, no luck. I keep ending up with soft, small curd rather than the larger, firm curd needed to finish the recipe. After much debate and consultation of the "cheese techs," I've determined that the problem is the milk. Therefore, this weekend I will be attempting the third batch of mozz and the first of fromage blanc, utilizing raw milk from a dairy nearby. Of course, I will make sure everyone who consumes the cheese understands that raw milk was used, and that only adults (no children/people with weakened immune systems) eat it, just to be safe. Has anyone else dabbled in home cheese-making? What were your results?

Here's hoping to being able to bring homemade cheese to the wine-and-cheese-party this weekend!


Jenny said...

Well, I'm already impressed. I could probably never make cheese. Hopefully it will work this time!

Ed and Elizabeth said...

Good luck on your cheese. It sounds delicious!! :)