Monday, December 15, 2008


...They're what I got after reading this poem. It was printed on the front page of the church bulletin yesterday.  It references my favorite, favorite verses of the whole Bible. 

"Who on earth saw him first, knowing 
truly who he was? Belly to belly, when
John, prophet in utero, distinguished 
in the natal soup the fetal bones, the body
curled like a comma, eyes tight, skull
packed with universal wisdom,
this unborn cousin began to dance.

And when she, birth-giver-
her ordinary vision arrowing down between
her legs through pain and straw to her son's dark,
slime-streaked hair, to his very skin, red with
the struggle of being born-she lifted him
to her breast, kissed the face of God,
and felt her own heart leap." -- Lucy Shaw

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Jenny said...

You should read this...

It's the top story, which won the contest. This lady is SERIOUS about breastfeeding! And that is an amazing poem too, btw.