Friday, January 2, 2009

More updates to come...

Between traveling to PA for Christmas, hitting up Clemson and Myrtle Beach, SC for a few days following, working back in Warner Robins for a few, and driving to Jacksonville, FL for the Gator Bowl, things have been REALLY SUPER CRAZY around here lately. I will make a concerted effort to thoroughly update this thing when I get home. But for now, here's a reminder of why I don't live in PA anymore.  Keep in mind that:
A: This kind of weather is normal, therefore
B: These kind of conditions are normal on a WELL-TRAVELED, CITY ROAD, therefore
C: PA drivers don't slow down for this. 

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Wow... I would be terrified. Our whole state would shut down for that, and at the first snowflake there would be a run on milk, eggs and bread at all the grocery stores :-)