Tuesday, January 20, 2009

5k and other super-exciting results!

So I am going to count the 5k a success in my book. It's not that I finished in an awesome time (although I did finish ahead of plenty of people, and still under 30:00), or that I survived well-below-freezing temperatures. The fact is that I finished it 7 weeks pregnant!

Okay, so I know it's still kinda early. But Brett and I decided that (God forbid) something happen, we'd rather have people know so they could support us. And besides, it was getting hard to keep it a secret. And also, the midwife doesn't even want to see me until 9 weeks! (Can you tell I am rationalizing here?)

Anyways, I am allowed to run, as long as I don't push myself too hard and pay close attention to how I'm feeling.  I intend to do it! Since I have not (knock on wood here) been sick yet, I have been able to keep with it. I am currently running about 12 miles a week, but at a low intensity (like 9-10 minute miles). It's sort of frustrating to me to run slow, but I know that's the best choice. I am also excited because I found out that my other favorite pastime (swimming!) is a great choice. So I will likely be balancing a mix of both. I know it sounds weird but exercise is such stress relief for me, and I like knowing that I don't have to get completely out of shape. 

So that's all the exciting news for this week! I will try and post photos from the race as soon as they come in. I probably looked ridiculous, as bundled up as I was. 


Jenny said...

Oh my gosh! When I saw that title I was like, hmm, results? Maybe it's a PREGNANCY test result. Of course, pregnancy is about all I think about at the moment. But I was right! Yay! I'm so excited for you! How great that you know already about midwives and what kind of birth you want. Are you going with a home birth, birth center, or nurse-midwife in a hospital? Our kids will only be about a month apart.

I may have left this comment twice... If so, I'm sorry!

Emily said...

Unfortunately, the only midwives that are state certified in GA are CNMW- not CNM, not CPM. The CNMWs all work in hospitals, none do hb. AND there is only one freestanding birth center in the WHOLE state, and it's in Savannah!!! Can you sense my frustration???

Anyways, I have already picked out my mw- she is a CNMW who works at an ob practice. She will actually do the delivery, and I'm interviewing doulas to figure out who I mesh well with. The plan is to stay at home with the doula as long as possible, then move to the hospital. She will also help me with the birth plan.

Expect a nice, long, vent-ing post about this in the future!

Ed and Elizabeth said...

AUGHHH!!! Yay! Congratulations! :) Oh and trying to elude the whole "morning sickness" which is really 24/7 sickness....good luck with that. I thought I was in the clear, but then I got it around 12-16 weeks. It went away though. Keep me posted and you need to start a pregnancy blog!!

Jenny said...

That is terrible! I didn't know it was like that in GA. Here, I am just mad that my midwife can DELIVER my baby at home, but can't stitch me up if I tear. For that I'd have to go to the hospital. I bet you will have a good hospital experience with a midwife and doula, though. They will know how to help you in ways OB's and nurses (usually) can't.

Or, you could come over to SC for the birth... :-)

Emily said...

Believe it or not, I am SERIOUSLY considering it. There's a place in Greenville I've heard about (Blessed Beginnings, I think it's called) that I'm going to check out.

A Most Ingenious Paradox said...

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMOGMOGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!1 Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! I didn't even read the rest of the post!!!! Yaaayyyy baabbiieeesss!!@!!!!!

Emily said...

Haha Abby you crack me up!

It has been wayyyyyyyy too long since we hung out.

Jenny said...

Blessed Births? My friend Julie (Inexplicable Ways) had her daughter there and used to work closely with the midwife. She is also pregnant right now, due the same time I am! Anyway, she could probably tell you more about it. Several of the moms in the babywearing group had their babies there too. You should really come to a meeting if you're ever available.

I don't know how far Spartanburg is for you, but I've met all the ladies from Labors of Love and really like them. Their website is http://scmidwife.com/. They have two licensed midwives and then Carey, who should be licensed within a year or so, so you're covered even if they happen to have two births at once--although they usually attend births together. They have a beautiful birth center and also do homebirths for a fairly generous radius (mine will be about 1.5 hours away, and I think that may be their limit). I just wish my insurance covered, but it will be worth it anyway.

As for the breastfeeding, it's going okay. I know my milk supply has dipped because Suzi doesn't take long at all to request the other side. I am sore, but mostly in the sense that it hurts if someone bumps into them (which Suzi does often). Breastfeeding is just mildly uncomfortable, but to be honest, it was much worse when I'd just had Suzi and we were working on getting a good latch. I think she had a mild case of tongue-tie. I know a lot of kids self-wean once their moms reach the fifth month or so of pregnancy and the milk dries up, but if she doesn't I may tandem nurse once the baby is born. I think it would be a good way to help Suzi bond with the baby rather than making her feel like she's lost access to me. Of course, then I would probably only breastfeed Suzi a couple of times a day after the baby had already nursed.

Good luck with choosing a midwife! Let me know how it goes.

Christina said...

Oh my goodness! What a wonderful way to welcome the new year! I wish you--and baby--all the best! I'll be thinking of you.