Sunday, January 11, 2009

Brett's Graduation

I am so proud of my husband- he managed to finish his Master's degree in two years, and now he's started on his PhD at UGA. The PhD process will likely take 3-4 years, so we're looking into buying a house in Monticello, GA, which is a beautiful little town halfway between Athens and Warner Robins. If we are able to sell the house we have currently, we will actually be able to live together full-time. Hooray! Of course, the economy is a major factor here, but we are lucky in that a. our current home is relatively small, so it's within the reach of more buyers, b. we live very close to the base, and there are always people moving in and out regardless of the economic situation, and c. it's a buyer's market right now, making the new house much more affordable. 

Here is a pic from Brett's graduation. Just being there made me a little emotional, not only because it's been a long road to get this far, but also because my crazy love for Clemson makes me irrationally emotional at University events, especially when the Alma Mater is played and President Barker speaks about his love for CU! 


Ed and Elizabeth said...

Aww..yay Brett!! Congratulations!

Did you guys sell all of the puppies yet? They were sooo cute!! Ed and I seriously thought about it for awhile and then we figured it might be too much with the baby coming and all. Maybe in a few years. We really like golden retrievers though.

Emily said...

Yeah- we did! We actually sold them so fast that we are thinking about having more in a while. They were adorable! Thanks :-)