Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cheesemaking Success!

This is an update to a post I first wrote a while back. For several months now, I have been dying to make homemade cheese, but had issues with the milk I was using. Finally- after finding raw milk at a farm in Seneca, SC- I was successful! The mozzarella was sooo delicious, and everyone at the wine and cheese party seemed to really enjoy it. Out of the same batch of milk I also made some fromage blanc. It was even easy than making mozz, and extremely yummy as well. 

While visiting my parents' home over the holidays, I took advantage of the opportunity to make cheese using milk from their cows. Because my dad has several Jersey and Brown Swiss cows (whose milk is higher in butterfat and protein than Holsteins, aka the black and white cows you see), I was able to produce more cheese from a gallon of milk, and the cheese I made was even richer and more delicious. Pictures below show several steps in the cheese process, including the "stretching" of the mozz. 

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Denise said...

Hi Emily - nice to see you have a blog too! Anyway, I have made homemade cheese, both with cow's milk and goat's milk, but it was raw as well (my family used to own a cow & multiple goats). We only made cheddar and chive-cheddar but it was really delicious too. Glad yours turned out - sounds delicious!