Monday, August 3, 2009

Random thought.

Just throwing this out there:

My due date is 16 September.

Labor Day, get it??

I pledge here and now that if I haven't delivered by race day I'm going for it, even if I only do the 1-mile fun run instead of the 5K. But probably the 5K.

PS: I'm racing this Saturday in Warner Robins. Stay tuned for pics- which I'm making Brett take as photographic evidence.


TheGirl said...

i can barely make it a few blocks walking lady, you are insane! lol

Ed and Elizabeth said...

I are crazy. Go for it though if you're feeling good about it. A couple of weeks before Jack was born I was walking everyday, but after about a mile my back would start KILLING me. It sucked b/c I would want to keep going but the pain stopped me. I think he was on a nerve or something. You're looking good. Keep the posts coming!