Thursday, October 15, 2009

PA Trip and Lucy's Baptism.

St. Anthony's-same church where Brett and I were married.

Last Thursday Brett, Lucy, and I flew up to PA to visit our family and to have Lucy baptized. I was a little worried about how Lucy would do on the plane, and I was prepared to nurse her at takeoff and landing to help her pressurize her ears. However, because she was in the Moby, she ended up falling asleep in the airport and not waking up on the plane at all! The trip up to PA was totally uneventful.

Turkey bib! Can't wait 'til Thanksgiving.

We had a blast in PA just hanging out with family and friends. Lucy was so excited to meet everyone at last! We were very sad, though, when my Nanny (Lucy's great-grandma) had to go to the hospital- she has double pneumonia. To be on the safe side for Lucy and Nanny, they didn't get to meet each other. Both were very, very disappointed. But we're working on getting a Skype chat set up, and we'll be up again soon for Christmas.

Godparents- my sister Megan and Brett's uncle Mike

On Saturday we had a baptism party for Lucy. Lots of fun, food, cake, and of course, lots of pink, frilly, girly clothes! Love it. Lucy received so many beautiful gifts. We especially love the beautiful silver crucifix from her godfather and her Lilly Pulitzer sweater. I've already decided that Lucy will get a new Lilly dress for back-to-school each year.

Saturday night was the baptism. Lucy took the everything very, very seriously! She looked right at Father Speice the entire time, and didn't cry at all. She looked very angelic in her Christening gown (which is over 100 years old and has now been worn by 5 generations in our family), ruffly tights, beautiful little booties, new crucifix necklace, and bonnet. You could tell she felt holy :-)

On Sunday we headed out early to fly back to SC. This time the flight was a little more eventful, mainly because the flight attendant insisted I take Lucy out of the Moby for takeoff and landing. At takeoff I just ignored her. At landing, she started to lecture me about safety, saying that Lucy was obviously safer in my lap than in the wrap (which she called a snuggi, by the way). Excuse me? Apparently it really is an airline regulation, and Brett kept shooting me the "you're being a rude, harassing Yankee, and this isn't worth fighting over" look, so eventually I dropped it and complied. Interestingly enough, on the second leg of our flight (after the layover in Charlotte), I kept Lucy in the Moby the entire time and not a word was said by the flight attendant. Expect a blog about this incident and the research I'm going to do about it soon. Has anyone else had an experience like this?

To sum up our trip: It was fun. I still miss my family. PA is cold. I'm glad I live in the South.


SA said...

We ran into the same sling-thing on our flights! We flew United, and on the way up we were told to keep Abigail out of the sling on the first leg to DC, but not the second to Columbus. Weird.

On the way back, nothing was said either time. Seems like the baby would be safer *in* the sling than cradled in arms. Crazy!

Ed and Elizabeth said...

WTF? What is the difference between the wrap and your lap? It's not like it was a choice between holding her and securing her in a carseat or something. She would be less likely to be a projectile in the event of an emergency if she is all wrapped up as opposed to sitting in your lap. You are too nice, I would have been a bitch to the woman and argued it. If she insisted it is a policy I would have been like, "produce the piece of paper that states she has to be free in my arms." I am sorry you had a bad experience.

Denise said...

That makes me mad too, because I know you take such pains to make sure your baby is safe!!!

When I flew to Vegas and back (Delta? Don't remember), I had her in the wrap the from before boarding, until landing. I never was told to take her out. However, when I mentioned this to Will's wife (Kristy), she has had the same incident, where she was told the child couldn't be in a wrap on take-off/landing. I guess it's not really a rule, or else why would only specific flight attendants impose it? Not like seatbelts, where everyone agrees.
TELL ME if you find anything out in your research!

Jenny said...

"Rude, harassing Yankee?" Really? That must be an interesting look :-) Seems like the flight attendant was the one harassing you, though! I don't see how having her in a wrap is more dangerous than holding her in your arms. You should've been like, "A Snuggi is a blanket with sleeves, idiot." But I got really worried for a minute because I thought you were going to say you were harassed for breastfeeding. Glad it wasn't that!