Monday, April 5, 2010

Crazy week.

Just realized that I haven't posted in a week- wow, has time flown by! Last week was extremely busy; sadly, Brett's great-grandfather passed away, so we drove to Florence for the funeral. Mr. Nolan was 101 years old, and Lucy was his only great-great grandchild. We are so grateful for the opportunity that we had over Christmas to introduce the two of them.

Also, in the craziness of the week, I kept forgetting to post Lucy's 6-month-stats. Now she is 7 months old, and I still haven't gotten around to it. So, before I forget again, at her 6 month appointment, Lucy was 17 lbs 1 oz ( 63rd percentile) and 27" long (83rd percentile).

Bowling fun in the mei tai.

This week Lucy has been working hard on her "pincer" grasp. She really enjoys sitting in her high chair and picking up her cereal pieces. Although Lucy mostly still uses a "raking" movement to pick up the small bits, she occasionally manages to get her first finger and thumb arranged in such a way as to pick up a piece with just those two fingers. I really think she's starting to notice that when she uses that technique she is more likely to get food into her mouth! I love watching her think, and I also appreciae being able to put her in her high chair for a minutes, knowing she can entertain herself while I cook dinner.

Incidentally, we ended up buying the standard Graco model. I had my heart set on a Tripp Trapp, but after months of searching for a used one, I admitted defeat. I'm pretty sure everyone who has one just ends up keeping them forever, then handing them down to the next baby in the family. I've still got my eyes peeled for one, though. I thought about buying one of the chairs that attaches to the table, but that option is out, as our tabletop is glass, and definitely not stable enough for that. At least the Graco is easy to clean and keeps her very secure.

This week will be very busy also, as we pack and prepare to move to our new home in FL. If you're the praying type, please keep us in mind. I probably won't get around to posting again until we're moved in, which will likely be Sat/Sun, assuming our internet is working by then.

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Ida Mae said...

have a safe, happy, and calm move!