Sunday, May 16, 2010

Catching up.

I've been on internet hiatus over the past week or so- I had to go do some training in Panama City, and we had no internet service there. I was lucky in that I was able to bring Brett and Lucy along, and we spent the week in temporary family housing at Tyndall AFB. The place was actually really nice- we had three bedrooms and two bathrooms, good sized living room and a fully-stocked kitchen. Throw in daily maid service and I think Brett was sad to leave!

Training went really well, and I've found that morning sickness is definitely easier to deal with when I'm distracted. Every day we tried to do some fun activities, like going to the beach, going geo-caching, etc. I'm sure Brett thought I was a bit of a Debbie-Downer, because I have been so tired lately, but I did feel up to eating oysters twice (steamed, of course- although Brett didn't seem to mind eating raw in front of me- boo). Panama City has some really beautiful places- especially at sunset- and we were surprised to hear the sound of conch shells being blown into. Apparently many of the locals there carry on the tradition of sounding them at sunset.

On the way home, we took the "scenic route." FL 30A literally hugs the coast, and it has one beautiful town after another- Seaside, Watercolor, and Alyce, to name a few. I don't think I've ever seen such picturesque beach towns- incredibly beautiful, even more expensive. It looked like the Hamptons had landed in Florida.

I was super excited to see a Lilly Pulitzer store- Barefoot Princess, to be exact. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lilly, and have a ton of dresses. My family (Brett included) knows that if it's my birthday, Christmas, etc., Lilly is always a greatly appreciated gift. Anyways, once I had Lucy, I started dreaming about matching Lilly dresses- I'm such a nerd for them. I begged Brett to do some shopping, and being the awesome hubby that he is, he helped me find both a dress for me, and a matching one for Lucy. Lucy's is a little big (Lillys are so expensive that we bought a 2T, knowing we could just take up/lower the straps as needed), but she'll be able to wear it for a long time. I would have preferred to go up a size in my dress, for when I'm farther on in this pregnancy, but it was out-of-stock. So I will have to wear it frequently now, and then pack it away.

Tomorrow's my first appointment with my new OB at Eglin, and I'm excited/nervous. Excited to see this new little one, nervous because I'm afraid of what the OB (based on what I've encountered so far) will be like. Oh well- worst case scenario, I just "don't make it to the hospital on time." More to come.


Ed and Elizabeth said...

LOVE your dresses!! Super-cute! :) If you "don't make it to the hospital on time" and Brett "happens" to deliver the baby they oh well! :) Tri-care will have to GET OVER IT!!!!!! I'm sick of our lives being run by A-Hole insurance companies who don't know us and don't give a crap about us. :)

Emily said...

Thanks, Elizabeth!
BTW- Tricare has actually approved my homebirth- they just need the referral. It's Eglin that's being the A-hole and doesn't want to give it to me. Once they do, I'm golden- because the midwife i want to see is a CNM, they have to cover her.

And really, I may just "go on vacation" while I'm pregnant and accidentally deliver while I'm out of town, preferably somewhere with a birth center. muahahahaha

Jenny said...

So with this "not making it to the hospital" thing... If they didn't give you a referral for a homebirth, what would be the benefit of doing this rather than going unassisted? Would you go to the hospital afterward, or just tie off the cord and call it a day? A sweet lady that came into my work once told me how one of her sons was born in the car on the way to the hospital, and they charged her full price even though she never set foot in L&D. It's all very curious. Insane what hoops some women have to jump through these days!

Jenny said...

Oh and I forgot to say that you and Lucy look so adorable together in those dresses!

Ashley said...

OMG this is now my favorite "news" to read. I LOVE your matching dresses and it's so great to be able to see both of you girls. Em, I have learned SO MUCH in just a few of the casual conversations you and I have had over the last year and a half or so. You never cease to amaze me with the knowledge you have and are willing to share. I think we need to have a 2-week TDY where you teach me EVERYTHING you know before Josh and I start trying. :) We're just happy to be in the "practicing" stage because after all, practice makes perfect, right? I would love any advice or suggestions you have for leisurely, pool-side reading over the next couple of years. I think I will be charting by this time next year. Of course I didn't considered it for my near future until our little BC conversation. You are so amazing and every time I read your blog or talk to you about babies I just feel like I know NOTHING about being a woman! How ever do you do it?! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Ida Mae said...

too utterly cute you two are :)