Friday, May 21, 2010

Two random thoughts.

1. Lucy bit me last night. I mean, she REALLY bit me. Drew blood and all. I cried. Still wince whenever she latches on, more out of fear than pain.

2. If I hear of one more person having a c-section because of a failed induction, I WILL STRAIGHT UP LOSE MY MIND. The worst part is the doctor a. pushing an induction in the first place, when it often isn't warranted, b. being surprised when it doesn't work, although the women was barely dilated or effaced to start with, c. acting like the c-section is no big deal. You know what? My poor aunt (still in the hospital) developed four blood clots from her recent section, and is STILL in the hospital due to complications. That's right, in the hospital, unable to see her newborn baby, for days. And thank God she didn't die- so lucky she made it back to the hospital. Did you know that women who have a section are FOUR TIMES more likely to develop blood clots than women who deliver vaginally?


Jenny said...

Ouch! That must have been horrible. Ivey has nibbled me but hasn't actually chomped down hard.

Ed and Elizabeth said...

Owwww! I hope you are okay. Don't give up! :)

Ida Mae said...

I think we are all dealing with bites here :(
no fun!