Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lucy can sign!

Well, she can sign "dog." I've written about it before, but Lucy is crazy about our puppies. About a week ago I was sitting on the couch, she was playing on the floor, and I heard a "slap, slap, slap" sound. I looked over and she was looking intently at the dogs, slapping the right side of her leg with her right hand. I didn't realize it at first, but she was signing "dog" to the puppies! The funny thing is that it's the same thing we do to have the dogs come over, so when she does it, they come over to play. Brett didn't believe me until he saw her do it again yesterday. I'm really hoping this is a sign that signing is 'clicking' with her and that she will start to pick up other signs soon! The main ones we focus on right now are "more," "all-done/finished," "food," "cup/water," "bath," and "book." I believe she also has a good understanding of "all done," as well, just based on how she reacts when we sign it.

Lucy will be 10 months next week. A couple of other developments:

- She finally outgrew her infant seat by height. I've had a convertible in Brett's truck for a while now (My Ride 65- we really like it), so whenever she rode with him she was in it, but I'd held off on buying one for my car. But with another baby on the way, I figured I might as well go ahead, since we will need two convertibles at some point anyway. In fact, I HATE installing car seats so much that we will both probably have two convertibles in each of our cars. The new one I bought is a Graco CombiSport- which is really not a great one. It has much lower weight limits than the My Ride, and doesn't look as comfy. However, I figure that I'll have Lucy in the My Ride, and the new baby in the bucket for quite a while. By the time the new baby is ready for the convertible, Lucy will still be in the My Ride, and when the baby finally grows out of the CombiSport, Lucy will probably be in a booster.

- Lucy is rolling and crawling all over. I mean, she is rolling and "low-crawling" all over. She still doesn't get up off of her stomach. But I wouldn't be surprised if she figures that one very quickly.

- She is getting more independent by the day. We went for sushi last week, and she refused to eat her banana and rice- she wanted our sushi rolls and kept grabbing for them. We finally realized that if we fed her banana and rice on chopsticks she would eat it. Now I'm contemplating making some kind of baby sushi to bring along next time!

- We are planning for Lucy's first birthday. I know it's a few months off, but we'll be in Pennsylvania for it, so it takes a little more forward-thinking. We are going to do a Lilly Pulitzer theme- super excited about it! So far I've found the invitations, a few decorations, and have purchased the limited-edition "Lilly" animal crackers for party favors- remember the boxes with the little carrying string? Still debating the cake issue, and what to serve for food, since I can't afford this gorgeous cake! I was super surprised to get an email from the owner of The Pink Pelican's blog offering Lilly gift wrap for us as well. Don't know who's more excited- me or Lucy!

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