Tuesday, July 6, 2010

18-week appointment. FAIL.

Was supposed to meet my new midwife today.

She was in a car accident on the way to work.

Met with crazy CNM lady (I'm NOT going to call her a midwife) instead.

Answer to all my questions? "Because, according to ACOG...."


My home birth request is now at the legal office. They're determining whether the Base Commander can refuse it, regardless of whether I live on base or not (I don't, and according to current regs, he isn't supposed to be able to.)

Some other gems?
"You can have intermittent monitoring until it's time to push, then it has to be continuous. I have seen babies DIE, and you haven't. ACOG says...."

"I don't mind your belly ring, but you can bet the hospital will."

"I can be as midwife-y as the rest of them."

"Why don't you just stay home and have your baby in the bathtub?" (insert sarcasm here)
"Now that you bring it up, maybe I will." (me being totally serious)
"Just make sure you bring in the placenta so you can prove it."
"Promise you'll give it back?" (again, me being totally serious)
(Insert disgusted look here)


Jenny said...

So she is a medwife? I wonder why they have such a bee in their bonnet over one little homebirth. Are they afraid you might pave the way for lots of other women who want one but don't want to go through the hassle?

SA said...

So angry for you, Emily. Ugh. Hope things work out, and soon. This is ridiculous!

Emily said...

yep, jenny- that's exactly it.

Denise said...

I am ANGRY too and IRRITATED! But there is no one more tenacious and committed than you to seeing justice done.... I just wish it didn't have to be at the expense of your enjoying your pregnancy appointments. :/

I'm following this with a lot of interest!!!

Ida Mae said...

following along up here as well! Keep us posted. I can't wait to see you have this baby how you want!

Kacie said...

This situation is so awful! You are being very much mistreated. Have you contacted some of the big AP or natural birth bloggers to see if they have ideas?

Peevy's said...

EMILY! thats awful!! the things people say to women at the doctors office... hopefully by now you are able to just laugh at her silly comments

Ed and Elizabeth said...

I think your rights are being violated. You don't choose to have Tricare or military doctors. You are serving your country and therefore are seemingly forced to see who they want you to see. I think that is crap. Just because we are military doesn't mean that we should settle for subpar healthcare. This is pissing me off. Stand your ground!