Sunday, July 3, 2011

Leap of faith.

^^ I'm taking a big one. ^^

As of last week, I submitted my request to separate from the Air Force.

If it's approved, I'll be done in the beginning of April.

At the same time, I'm gearing up to launch into postpartum services full-time.

I bought a domain name and webpage (still under development).

I have a Facebook page.

I'm working on my business materials, which is a bit overwhelming in itself.

But the first few steps are the hardest (and scariest), right?

If you're the praying type, I'd appreciate your prayers as we make some pretty significant changes around here.

If not, I'd appreciate your thoughts and intentions.

On a side note, I don't know if I'm going to know what to do without my uniform...I forgot my hat last week (for the first time ever), and felt completely naked. I can't imagine not putting on the uniform every day. Perhaps my ABUs will be replaced by scrubs in a few years?


Jenny said...

Sounds exciting! I bet you'll be great at that. I know it must be a strange feeling to leave the Air Force.

Ed and Elizabeth said...

Congratulations! Scrubs are much more comfortable and fun! :) You will do great!

Denise said...

I sm very, very excited for you!!!! Not only will you get much more time with your precious girls, but you will be doing something that I think is a terrific fit for your talents and desires and passions. I would LOVE to have someone like you personally involved in my pregnancies; so many women will be blessed with your work!!!!