Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Who Needs a Stroller, Anyway?

....'cause when it comes to flying,
is the way to go.


Denise said...

Um, totally!!!! When I had to fly alone with Elyana and she was 19 months old, Jonathan couldn't understand WHY I had to buy a mei tai instead of just "push a stroller". Um, just taking a stroller through security involves an act of God!!! :/ I was much happier, she was much happier, and it was a breeze!

When I flew to NC for my sister's wedding, 34 weeks pregnant & alone with a 28 month old, I took the umbrella stroller. And I was grateful for it. But boy did it hinder doing anything fast!

By the way, you and your sister look so lovely in this pic... Happy girls, happy babies! Love it!

Jo said...

way belated on commenting.. but I agree. I still agree with your earlier post of wear your kids in the grocery store. Wear your kids... period. Rowan is now almost 2 and 35lbs. It's not a happy wearing. But we do it all the time. Hikes, camping, traveling, what have you. That's the beauty of an Ergo (or equivalent) that can still go until they're four! Wear your kids. It's SO, So much easier than carting all that extra stuff!

btw, miss checking in with you. your girls are beautiful, momma. Glad to see you're doing so well!