Thursday, June 4, 2009

Belly Shots/25 Weeks Update.

So we're at 25! Baby has been moving sooo much lately- especially right when I'm trying to fall asleep! My favorite part of the day is when Brett and I can lay in bed and feel (and see!) him/her wiggling/kicking/punching around. Apparently baby especially enjoys squirming under my ribs as well. Sleeping itself is becoming more difficult, because (complaint alert!) I feel just plain uncomfortable pretty much all the time. The ol' pillow-between-the-knees trick has been helpful so far, though. Also-I feel like my skin is being pulled apart (already!) and I know it will only get worse. I think the next time I have a baby I am going to intentionally gain like 20 pounds prior to getting pregnant, lose it, and then enjoy my stretched-out skin. Brilliant idea, no? 

Running is still going well. I have had some issues with my belly getting heavier, but nothing major. Regular trips to the chiropractor have helped sooooo much with any lower-back/hip pain I have.  I also ordered a Prenatal Cradle this week upon the recommendation of some running friends, so I'm excited to try that out. I am planning on running in the Army Birthday Run next Friday (5K distance) and I will be in the 7th month by then! The guys are joking that they're going to get a special trophy for me :-) 


Beth said...

25 weeks! That is exciting! Don't you just love it when you can see the baby moving? Eleanor puts on a show for us every day now...very cool. I'm glad things are going well!

Ed and Elizabeth said...

25 weeks! Baby will be here before you know it!! That is so awesome, Em! Do you have any ideas of what it could be? I think you're having a girl, that's my guess. It's sooo much fun when you finally get to meet the baby who has been swimming in your tummy for so long. The uncomfortable sleep will get worse and worse but you will get through it. :)

Kacie said...

So cute! I remember those days of feeling like my belly was stretched to the max. Uncomfortable!

I tried to drink more water when I noticed it was a problem, and a few days later my body figured out that my skin needed to stretch and then I wasn't uncomfortable anymore. What a relief!

My baby is 5.5 months old now and it's amazing how most of my belly skin has returned to normal (it didn't take long, actually).

The human body is pretty incredible, isn't it?

Emily said...

Beth- isn't it the coolest? I love it!

Elizabeth- I have no clue! I used to really be pulling for a girl, but lately I've been excited for a boy. I can honestly say that I think I will be equally happy either way. That being said, when we were at the ultrasound, the baby flipped over before the tech told us to look away, and I think I *may* have seen a little something, if you know what I mean. Not going to call it! We've been having lots of fun with the guessing games/old wives' tales, though.

Kacie- Thanks for the reminder about water! I have really been trying to make sure I drink enough. I find that if I don't drink enough water, I get lots of BH contractions as well, so that's good incentive, too.

Denise said...

You look amazing! What a cute baby belly!