Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Okay, okay, I'll update this thing....

I know that it looks like I've only been updating on Wednesdays lately...but that's only because I've only been updating on Wednesdays lately :-) . Due to popular demand, here's a more thorough update than the extremelyyyyyy unflattering pictures Brett took of me at the beach over the weekend that I posted earlier.

- I had my 30-week appointment today. Pretty quick, as usual...but that's what comes when you're as hands-off as I and my midwife are. My blood pressure is still great (94/54 today), I passed my gestational diabetes test a few weeks back with flying colors, still no swelling, only a few Braxton Hicks, the heart rate is still in the 130s, and the baby is still refusing to turn head down for more than a few hours at a time- he/she prefers transverse. I'm not going to worry about that one quite yet- if he/she still hasn't turned for good in the next two weeks or so, my chiropractor is going to start some manipulations that should help. I am pledging to sit on my birthing ball more this week and visualize the baby turning as well. We also start our Bradley classes next weekend.

- On the heart rate note: mamas of boys, did you notice that your boys had lower (130s, 140s) heart rates in utero? My midwife says that although there are certainly exceptions, she has noticed that boys tend to have lower heart rates than boys (which confirms an Old Wives' Tale I've heard). I've been really thinking this little one is a boy lately, and the heart rate has been consistently low. I'd appreciate any input anyone has!

- As far as how I feel, I still feel really good. I'm still running, and still running sub-10-minute-miles. I've scheduled to run another 5k on 18 July, so we'll see how it goes. I'm amazed at how firm my belly is- it doesn't move around nearly as much as I'd expected it would at this point. The baby has been crazy active lately, and it's actually pretty uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong, I love knowing that baby is okay, but sometimes it really hurts to get pummeled from the inside!

- The inevitable weight gain question: as of today, I am up 5 lbs. total. Pre-pregnancy, I weighed about 140 lbs. Then I lost 15 to morning sickness, FINALLY gained that 15 back, and have added 5 more. It's sort of frustrating to me because people are always like, "wow, you look great!," and I want to say, "it's easy- just puke your guts out 3-4 times a day for 4 months, then find food forever unappealing!" I feel like it's an uphill battle every day. I am hardly ever hungry, and I have to force down food. I try to make sure what I do put in my body is very healthful, so I don't waste room in my stomach on junk. Still, I pretty much hate food right now, and I can't wait until I can stop stressing about how to up my caloric intake. It also gets irritating to have people (my husband included) harassing me to eat more.

- That's it for now. We're headed up to Indianapolis this weekend for a wedding, so I'll take some new pics then.


Ed and Elizabeth said...

THANK YOU!! Much better. Now keep it up, no more slacking!! :)

Kacie said...

Cool! I did Bradley. Liked it a lot!

My son's heart rate seemed to usually be in the 140s, but my memory might be failing me.

I LOVED my birth ball. I sat on that thing for practically all of my third trimester and then for a few months post-partum. That thing is great! I also thought it felt good to tailor sit.

Sitting in my easy chair was so uncomfortable. The slight recline put too much baby pressure on my back.

Ok, email me when you have a chance...I want to unload some Happy Heinys and I wanna know if you want them or if I should find another interested mama :)

Denise said...

"Still, I pretty much hate food right now, and I can't wait until I can stop stressing about how to up my caloric intake. It also gets irritating to have people (my husband included) harassing me to eat more."

-Gotta say, I understood and related to that one. I don't think anyone was happy with the amount I ate until that last month. Maybe not even then. But once you have the baby, and start nursing, your appetite should come back even stronger than before. :)

I also didn't realize how "firm" a pregnant belly felt. Amazing, huh?

I am glad your BP is so good, and the GD test went well (good for you taking it!), so now we just have to have that baby move into the right position. You're right not to stress though.

Sorry I didn't get a chance to come over, we left for NC a day early. I will text you when I get back!

SA said...

Hurray for the update! Glad to hear that everything is moving along smoothly for you and that you're still able to run as you had hoped. Super impressive!

My little girl's heart rate is almost always in the 150s, so maybe girls' heart rates *are* higher than boys? Who knows. We'll find out when your little one arrives!

Beth said...

Yay for the update! I'm having a girl, and when we first started listening to the heart rate at 12 weeks or so, it was always high - like 160+. Now I have those non-stress tests where they monitor the heart rate for 20 minutes at a time, and I watch it go all over the place. It seems to be around 140 when she's resting, but then when she starts kicking it shoots up to as high as 170, and it also sometimes drops to as low as 120. (This is a GOOD thing - they want to see that the baby's heart is reacting to the movement.) Anyway, there's some info for what it's worth...

I would LOVE to only be up 5 lbs, although I can understand how awful the sickness must be. I've gained a little over 25, and I'm okay with that. I have another friend around my height/build - and much more in shape than me - who gained 50 with both of her kids, and she lost it all quickly both times. I just hope I can do the same! I hope you don't get swollen feet. That's really the only annoying symptom I have and it started right at 30 weeks. My BP's great though, so nobody's concerned.

Good luck with everything! And I kind of think you're having a boy, too! :)