Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Weekend in Indianapolis.

Last weekend Brett and I headed up to Indianapolis for Ashley and Josh's wedding. The trip was about 11 hours each way, and definitely not the most comfortable thing for a someone in their third trimester! Brett was very good about reminding me to drink enough water and actually MADE me get out and walk when we stopped for gas, food, etc. My strategy was just to sleep the entire time (for some reason, one of my awesome pregnancy symptoms is car sickness when I'm in the passenger seat- I can drive myself just fine) and try to avoid throwing up, as the route we took wound through the mountains in North Carolina and Tennessee on the way up to Kentucky and finally Indiana. Brett did an amazing job and didn't complain at all about driving the whole way. One thing I love about our relationship is that no matter how long the car ride, I don't mind (and actually look forward to it), because it means spending time together :-).

We had so much fun spending time with everyone and making new friends in Indy! The city itself is beautiful, the wedding was amazing. I will definitely be posting more pictures once the professional ones are done, but here are a few to start with. I'm excited to see how the professional ones come out, because the photographers were soooo cool, and we took many of the pics in downtown Indy following the ceremony.

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Jenny said...

You look awesome in that dress! I can't imagine riding for 11 hours in the third trimester, even without carsickness.

About the encapsulation, it's a rather lengthy process and I don't think I'd be able to do the whole thing myself right after having a baby. I offered Jordan the option of having someone else do it (there's a lady nearby who probably would have) but he's a do-it-himself kind of guy. When I had Suzi we had to close on our house the day after her birth and I was on my feet a little too long. They ended up swelling pretty bad (worse than they did during the pregnancy). That just makes me think I wouldn't be able to stand in the kitchen for so long. But then again, you're in better shape than I am so maybe it'd be okay for you, especially if you waited a couple of days. Do you think your mom or one of your sisters might help? Jordan and I are hoping I'll be able to sit at the dining room table and do some of the work from there.