Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Word-y Wednesday.

Okay, normally on a Wednesday I would just post a picture and call it a day. But since I am lacking a new and/or interesting picture for this week, I'm going to post a list of things that I've noticed/experienced lately.

1. It is impossible to sleep anymore. Between the crazy dreams I have every night (every night since we got pregnant, I swear), getting up to pee, and finding it difficult to get comfortable, I ] feel like I've haven't had a decent night's sleep in forever. Confession: the majority of the time, I end up sleeping on my back. I know, I know. Before I was pregnant I always slept on my stomach. Obviously that's out of the question now. I've tried sleeping on my left side like a good pregnant lady, but despite a pile of strategically-placed pillows, it doesn't work for me. To make myself feel better, I did some research on sleeping on your back and found out that: it's really only a big deal if you're overweight, if it was really hurting me I would wake up, and if we were meant to not sleep on our backs when we were pregnant we would grow a hump there too!

2. The drama over daycare continues. According to the lady at the CDC on base, cloth diapers are a no-go there. I am used to the Air Force telling me what to do, but really?? I cannot believe that they care enough to dictate this. I wouldn't have minded so much if the lady hadn't been so mean about it. I'm getting really sick of being treated like some crazy hippy person. Anyways, I don't see how putting a cloth diaper in a wet bag is any more work than dropping it in the trash can, but whatever. The owner of the off-base daycare near my house said, "We haven't had anyone ask about those in the 15 years we've been in business," but that as long as the Health Department doesn't have a problem with it, they're fine with it. Awesome. Crisis likely averted.

3. What is it with the pregnancy police this week? I've been called out for drinking coffee (a. it was decaf, b. i'm allowed one cup anyway), dying my hair (foils, therefore it never touched my scalp, I had the okay, and anyways- your hair has no blood flow! duh), still running, eating a hot dog....good gosh! I need to develop some kind of repellent to spray on every morning.


SA said...

I totally know what you mean about the pregnancy police. It's like, "Honestly...I'm not out here hurting my baby."

I get looks at the gym, at Starbucks, when I order a virgin drink, etc.

I decided a while back, though, that during such times, I'd just focus on myself or David (if he was with me) and ignore them. No one's been brazen enough to say anything yet.

Good luck, and stick with what you're doing. I admire your running, and decaf coffee---surprisingly---tastes just as good :)

Jenny said...

LOL--the pregnancy police should really leave you alone. You are doing far better than probably 98% of the population, staying in shape and everything. The other day my friends at work took me out to dinner and when we were ordering our drinks (at Chili's) my friends all ordered something alcoholic. Then when the waitress got to me she said "And would you like an iced tea or something?" Maybe I am nit-picking, but it was almost like she was expecting me to follow suit and say "I'll have a margarita!" I ordered water, which is what I almost always drink anyway.

Kacie said...

Sorry about the pregnancy police! You should tell them, "I'm not pregnant....wait, are you calling me FAT!?" hahaha :)

Also, maybe you can take a pocket diaper or an AIO to the daycare place and show them that, hey wow! It's easy!

Finally, please e-mail me if you'd like. I bought more cloth diapers to test today, and I think I want to sell some pockets.

sensetosave (at) gmail.

Beth said...

You should try taking in the type of diaper that you plan to use and show them how easy it is! I think a LOT of people just don't know what cloth diapers today are like.

Emily said...

Thanks for the encouragement, ladies!

Kacie- I will definitely be emailing you. I plan on using prefolds and covers at home, but all-in-ones/pockets at daycare.

The daycare's concern, apparently, is that there may be some "health code" concerning cloth diapers. Pending any issues with that, they're fine with it.