Monday, March 15, 2010

In defense of babywearing.

Lucy lived in the Moby for the first few months- newborn here.

Over the weekend, Brett and I stopped in Bass Pro Shop in Destin, FL. I had Lucy in my newish Ellaroo mei tai, in the front carry position. While I was shopping, an older lady came up to me and said something to the extent of, "Honey, haven't you heard? Those things are dangerous!"

Maya ring sling. And this is a poor example, because she's riding pretty low in it. About 1 1/2 months old.

I'm glad that I had just read the report concerning the recent suffocation deaths of several babies in slings, and was able to respond coherently, "Thank you, but that report was only linked to bag slings. They carry the baby low on the waist and have elastic edges. The type of carrier I'm using is safe." Of course, she probably had no clue what I was talking about, but I felt better getting it out.

Front-facing in the Moby. 4 months old.

I'm here to spread the news: babywearing is safe. It offers wonderful benefits to mamas and daddies and their babies.

Maya again. 5 months old.

The report being cited in the media right now is getting a lot of attention. On one hand, it's very discouraging to ponder how many people are becoming intimidated, frightened, leary of babywearing. On the other hand, bag slings are genuinely dangerous, and I'm glad that the are finally being addressed, as for the opportunity to educate others on how to wear babies safely.

First time in Mei Tai. 5 months.

Instead of writing my own explanation, I'm linking to an awesome video that describes how to determine if your carrier is safe, and how to use it safely. For a press release from several sling manufacturers, click here. For the benefits of babywearing, check out this site from La Leche League.

Self-portrait, post-grocery shopping, today.

On a side note, we just bought our first stroller a few weeks ago- Lucy was already 5 months old. Yep. Five months old and never in a stroller. Brett takes her for walks in it, but guess what? I tried it once and didn't like it at all. I felt so...disconnected. Granted, strollers have their time and place, but for Lucy and I, nothing beats babywearing.


Ida Mae said...

love it :)
I especially LOVE the last self portrait! I gotta get Sam in a back carry.

~Ida Mae

Ed and Elizabeth said...

She is so cute! :) Wear your baby proudly! Don't listen to those old people!!!! They are CRAZY!

Kacie said...

I'm with you! I've tried a few slings and I have my favorites. I did have one of the slings that was recalled (it was a gift) and I threw it out recently because I just knew it wasn't safe.

I threw it out two weeks before the recall! I wish I held onto it so I could have gotten a new sling. Heh.

Anyway, we have an umbrella stroller that lives in the trunk. It's used once in awhile when it's more convenient to have my 15-month-old in a stroller.

Like, today, when I was getting some blood drawn. It's just best that he's not near the needles, ya know?

But I just see babies in their carseats inside a stroller and think that doesn't look very cozy or fun.