Monday, March 8, 2010

Lucy at 6 months.

I was going to wait and do a 6-month update after Lucy goes to her well-baby visit this month, but I realized that it's not for over a week, and by that time I will be slammed with packing/doula training/etc. etc. So for now I will update with my observations, and I'll add in her "official" weight/length/development stats after her appointment.

At six months, Lucy has quite the little personality. She is very loving and affectionate; she gives mama big, slobbery, open-mouth "kisses" on the cheek! Lucy hasn't showed signs of stranger anxiety yet; we make an effort to take her pretty much everywhere with us and she will go to most everyone willingly.

Lucy can sit unassisted. She pretty much skipped the "tripod" phase entirely and seems to have not found her feet yet. She will reach for objects while sitting and is usually successful in not falling over. Lucy still loves her exersaucer and has even started playing in her crib for short periods of time, which is a big help to me when I'm doing chores around the house and a sling isn't safe.

Lucy loves books, and will hold them and turn the pages, often while babbling to herself. She likes the mei tai (forward only), and won't put up with the moby or ring sling most of the time now. We recently bought a stroller, and she isn't a fan. Lucy would much rather be worn.

She still eats frequently and is still reverse-cycling. While I'm at work, she only takes a 4oz bottle in the morning and afternoon. Lucy makes up for this when I'm at home by nursing through the night, usually twice. After our evening nursing session, she eats a meal of "solids," which consists of cereal, breastmilk, and some kind of fruit or vegetable. I never force foods on her, and let her feed herself for a while each night. Lucy loves bananas, but is not a fan of applesauce or peaches so far. We will keep trying, though. Still no teeth!

At the Clemson/Carolina game in Greenville...can you tell she's nursing here?

The last time I weighed her, Lucy weighed almost 17 lbs, so I am anxious to see how much she weighs at the doctor's. We recently moved into medium prefolds and covers, and she is in all 6-9 month size clothing. It is still impossible to keep socks on this child!

One of Lucy's most exciting developments is that she puts herself to sleep. A few weeks ago, we started being more effective in reading Lucy's "cues" for sleep. Now, we are able to put her down for the night (most of the time!) with no fussing at all. Who says co-sleeping babies can't do that?

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