Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lucy's First Dentist Visit!

On Thursday we took Lucy to see the dentist- just to have him check how her teeth were coming in and to get her used to the whole process. Man, do we have a great office here- the dentist himself was super nice, and his staff was great with Lucy as well.

I held her in the dentist chair, and they showed her all their "teeth tools," even the electric ones, and let her hold them. By the end, Lucy even let them stick the suction-thingy in her mouth, so I was impressed! She also let the dentist "count" her teeth, although she definitely bit down on his finger, too, so that's a draw.

Lucy was very happy to get a new toothbrush- she LOVES brushing her almost-8 teeth! Right now she has four on top, with three completely through and one coming in on the bottom. She's obviously very proud of them, because she loves to show off by tearing off huge chunks of bread and waffle, and decimating the teething biscuits that she used to gnaw on. Lucy also enjoys chomping down on any object (including fingers (even her own-oww!), blankets, and mama's shoulder, amongst other things) that comes near the proximity of her mouth.

I'll appreciate her teeth more when she learns how to control her initial latch better!


TheGirl said...

Oh fun! Our dentist said we can wait til about 18 months, but I hope Coraline has a good visit too!

Jenna said...

I wish my baby girl is like Lucy. My daughter, Jean, and I visited the dentist yesterday. Since she's only two years old, the dentist was so patient in checking her teeth. She cried when the hygienist is cleaning her teeth. That's not really fun. Today, I need to visit the cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles for checkup. I might go for a professional teeth whitening treatment soon.

Joel Jackson said...

Aww, she looks so cute! It's a good thing that you've decided to schedule her first visit while she's young. I remember one of my brother's daughters' first visits. She was really taking care of her teeth well, until she had an accident in the playground. We took her to an emergency dentist. It's a good thing that we found one here in Chicago.

Anyway, from what I've read in some blogs, regular visits to the dentist at an early age is good. It makes sure that your kid's dental health is 100% A-OK. =D

Jenna Schrock said...

Well, it's a good thing that your daughter loves brushing her teeth. It's also nice to hear that her first visit to the dentist went well. And it's really funny how she bit down her dentist's finger.