Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Just wondering....

Do you have a special name that you and your child use (or used) to refer to breastfeeding?

At our house, nursing is called "nummers." As in, "Lucy, would you like nummers?" I probably use this term because it's the same one my mom used, and as I am 10 years older than my youngest sibling, I can vividly remember her using it.

The nickname Brett's grandmother uses is "nip-nong."

On a funny note, my grandmother told me a cute story the other day. When one of her cousins was 2 or 3, she asked her mother (while they were in public) for some "titty dinner."

Makes "nummers" sound pretty innocent, doesn't it?

First time nursing June-bug in the hospital- she was about 2 minutes old here.


Kacie said...

Nip-nong? Haha! We just call it "nursing" or "Do you want to nurse?" Johnny will hear Vivie cry, and he'll say, "Nurse!" and move toward her to 'help' her come over to me, wherever she is.

Jenny said...

Ha ha! Those are cute ones. Ivey had been saying "mummah?" but recently she said "boobie." The one thing I was trying to avoid, because it's oh so charming in places like church :-) I think Suzi must've taught her that one.

Karen E said...

We call it "the goods" so when Dash is eating, the boys talk about how he's "getting the goods." We used that one way back in the day with Elliot too.