Friday, January 14, 2011

Lucy can sign (updated AGAIN).

Lucy's signing has really taken off. Because I use this blog as a journal, I use it to record her developments like her new signs. I'm sorry that this is such a boring post!

At 16 months, Lucy can sign:

Eat, drink, water, milk, all-done, more, cracker

Dog, cat, horse, fish, bird, frog, bug

Mama, daddy, baby, grandma, grandpa

Help, bath, diaper, ball, car, book, thank you

In other developments, she also wore her first pigtails today.


Denise said...

Yeah for Lucy!!! It all comes at the right time! And getting those ways to communicate with your child are SO helpful, aren't they? Awesome job! Because remember, children that aren't taught signing have these extra months before they start talking where their understanding about what they want is growing, yet they are unable to communicate it! How sad for them, and frustrating for them. Good job , again. We loved signing. Even now, when Elyana really wants to communicate something to us (like she's asking for "more" of a special food) she will sign after she says the word - for emphasis I guess!

Ed and Elizabeth said...

Great Job Lucy! :)