Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Catching up.

Sorry it has been so long since my last post! Between it being the last week of my master's class, busy times at work, and Brett being at the house (a now occasional, but hopefully more frequent, and by December graduation a permanent occurrence). So in chronological order from least recent to most:
1. I was so happy to see Whitney win ANTM! I only dvr four shows: A
NTM, Iron Chef, Talk Soup, and No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain. I don't really get into most tv shows. Anyway, to see a full-figured (def. not plus-sized) model win was awesome. She surely deserved it- she took the most flack from the judges from week to week, but as Mr. Jay said, she stomped it to the death on the runway while Anya fell flat on her size-zero ass.

2. Dixie and Sean came to visit last week! So much fun. We took them to our favorite place to eat in Warner Robins (Saigon Noodle House) and drove them around the base. On Saturday we drove up to Alpharetta for the Eagles concert. The lawn was the most boring one I have ever sat in. All old people. But the band rocked out and Joe Walsh stole the show. Boo for beer costing $10 a cup, though. Looking forward to Buffett with the Runyons and Peevys! 

3. Bark in the Park was the next day (Sunday). We took Savannah and Chuck to the Braves game and had a blast (the Braves even won!) Definitely considering season tickets for next year. The dogs were actually really well behaved. Chuck slept for the better part of the game, and Savannah enjoyed getting loads of attention and treats. They looked extra cute because they stayed the night before at an awesome kennel (owned by the "dad" of Duke from the Bush's Baked Beans commercial, by the way) and Savannah was freshly groomed. The kennel even had a bone-shaped pool! It is ranked by the Travel Channel as one of the top places to take your pet. I highly recommend it. You can check out Pet Lodge Pet resort here. 

4. I finally finished my Counterintelligence class! Yay! I have a week off before I start my next classes (Assassination and Deception in War). I love that I get to take classes with names like that. 

5. Currently enjoying a few more hours of my four-day weekend. Chris' birthday/graduation celebrations were this weekend so we spent lots of time with family. Also hung out on the lake all day yesterday. I got burned despite the sunblock, but we had fun. Savannah has learned to climb the ladder onto the dock to get out of the water, and spends most of her time fetching 
balls, diving off the dock, and knocking people off their floats so she can use them. We are seriously going to have to buy her her own. Chuck mainly sleeps, but he'll float around on my tube and is starting to fetch in the deeper water. I will try to get a video/pics of the two of them later. This one is from last year. Notice Savannah the float-stealer! 

6. Went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. Loved it! Cate Blanchett is one of my favorite actresses, btw. 

Now back to vacation, more later. We're headed off to Wendy's in Clemson for lunch via the boat. 

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SA said...

Glad that you're back! David and I are moving to Savannah tomorrow. Whoa! We'll be in your neck of the woods soon :)