Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Finally back on the diamond!

After a solid week and a half of daily physical therapy, I am firming convinced that therapists are sadists. However, I won't get into the specifics of why I feel this way, because the ladies over at the clinic gave me the okay to play softball again and for that reason I can't hold a grudge. YAY!

The 116 ACW team happened to have our first game tonight, so I actually got to play. Since I haven't been able to practice, I didn't get to start. I did get to play the second half, though. I can't say I was disappointed in that; if I were coach, I'd do the same thing.  Anyways, I can field normally and throw 100%. I still can't completely get my hurt finger around the bat, but I make do. In my only at bat I hit a dinky ground ball, but still reached on an error. Then, on the next play, my teammate hit a single. I took second, and rounded the bag with a big lead to see what the center fielder would do. He throw to third, and the third baseman missed the throw. So naturally I decided to take the opportunity. One great (if I don't say so myself) slide later, I was safe. I think coach wanted to kill me because we were down a few runs, but he forgave me when I managed to score a few pitches later. So yay for awesome coaches from back-in-the-day who taught correct sliding technique. We ended up winning, by the way.

Oh, and since Brett is done with school for the semester, he is here at the house. YAY!! He came to my game and brought the puppies along. Of course the dogs got plenty of attention from all the kids there. We did a little yardwork when we got back, and cooked spaghetti for dinner. Yum. 

Now back to working on the master's work I swore I'd finish tonight but first....

If anyone from Warner Robins is interested, I'm taking volunteers for Meals on Wheels for the next few months. It's a lot of fun and they really appreciate it. 

I have my first DAR meeting next week. Nervous but excited. My grandma is totally pumped, too.

A big Happy Birthday goes out to Sally Ann! Feliz cumpleanos!

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SA said...

Thanks for the birthday shout out! I had a great, great time. Woo! I'll be blogging about it soon :)

Glad to hear your finger is back in working order. I hate physical therapy (had to go for my knee back in October...ugh)