Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fun weekend!

I don't feel like writing in complete sentences right now, but I will suck it up and spit this out. This post will be ramble-y, but you'll get the drift.

Friday: Hit up Tiger Town Tavern with Brett, Stevo, and his friend. Dave showed up! AWESOME. We also ran into the couples (Christy and Ryan and Eve and Brent) who were getting married the next day, plus their bridal parties. So we got to see a ton of people I haven't seen in a while. So much fun!
- Also made fresh salsa from my tomatoes, onion, jalapeno, green pepper, and cilantro, plus some store-bought lemons (their juice, I mean). Delicious!

Saturday: Went to Eve and Brent's wedding. It was like a high school reunion for Brett because there were so many Seneca HS people there. We had fun and the ceremony was beautiful. 

Sunday: Church. Lunch at Dyar's with Sarahann. Lounged on the lake allllllllllll afternoon. Somehow avoided sunburn (for the most part). Chuck and Savannah swam the whole time and slept the whole way home. 

- Yay for rain! I got home from Clemson tonight and didn't have to water the plants. Picked the first of the zucchini tonight, plus more cucumbers (the pickling kind), some raspberries, strawberries, and tomatoes. Going to have to start making dill pickles this week, plus I'd like to make peach preserves. Brett's going to bring blueberries from his mom's trees this week so I can make blueberry breakfast cake. Yum!

- Why can I never remember my cloth shopping bags when I go shopping? I'm always standing in line when I realize it, too. Will make renewed effort to remember them. 

- I am behind in my homework. I swore I wasn't going to go this route this semester, but work has been crazy. I WILL catch up this week before Brett gets here.

- Planning for Braves game on Friday. If anyone will be in Atlanta, let me know and we can get tix together. 

Upcoming post: the now infamous softball incident of last week, plus a personal diatribe on fertility awareness for b.c. 

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Jenny said...

Wow, you are so domestic! My house is a HUGE mess right now but I blame most of it on Suzi pulling every single toy out at once.

I agree--people should think harder about actual parenting than about the dust ruffle they want for the crib. Jordan and I talked and talked about it, but unfortunately we found we were wrong about several things. We thought it was nuts to let your baby stay up late and cosleep. Then Suzi started having issues and we realized we had been doing the wrong thing for her, so now she's in our bed! I feel horrible for judging the people I judged.

I watched BOBB on Netflix when it was new, but I ordered my own copy today because I'd like my mom to see it, and I'd like to be able to loan it out to pregnant friends (or anyone who is willing to watch it). I hope you can get somewhere with your insurance. It looks like Jordan and I will be footing the entire bill for our next baby. We hope to start trying again in a year or two. Luckily the entire bill for a birthing center is not that much more than our copay for the hospital route!

Oh and be sure to research the vaccines you want or don't want! I am currently agonizing over what to get for Suzi at her one-year.