Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hooray for Tuesday!

Top reasons why today is an amazing day:
1. The guys are here to fix the air conditioning!
2. I found the TJ Maxx receipts I thought I'd lost so now I can return those wide-legged jeans that seemed like a good idea at the time.
3. My garden is doing awesome. Picked the first of the cucumbers today, and it looks like I have some habanero peppers ready, too. 
4. I was expecting to wake up super sore from my first real trip to the gym in a while yesterday, but I actually feel really good.
5. The new iPhone is coming out next month...and I'm getting one!
6. I found some awesome new running music. If you need motivation or are just looking for something to help pass the time, check this out. Nothing like hearing Navy SEALs yelling to get the most out of your workout! The jodies also seem to help with my breathing. 

*You can buy it on iTunes


Jenny said...

I didn't know you had a blog! Thanks for the info. This is raw milk, but they do test it. She has been refusing it lately, and I'm pretty sure the cow milk gave her a rash (Jordan was allergic to cow milk as a baby too). Looks like it's extended breastfeeding for us!

I used to listen to jodies when I went running in high school and they really are the best for that!

Jenny said...

Already commented but then I read several earlier posts and was afraid you wouldn't see it if I commented on them.

1) My mom and I are in DAR too! My favorite part is the Tamassee-Salem DAR School. Have you ever been? They have a little thrift store up there and June 21st they're opening a big, nicer one that will attract more people.

2) I love the Juno soundtrack too and thought I was weird.

3) Have you seen The Business of Being Born?

4) Your bucket adventure was cute! I thought about doing that, but my shower heats up quickly so I don't think it'd make a big difference.