Monday, June 9, 2008

A super-fun weekend!

This past week has been really crazy. Brett drove down on Wednesday, and I had physical therapy. Tricare has apparently decided that I have had enough physical therapy, so I am resigned to a lifetime of "zombie finger." Let's hope it improves on its own with time.  On Thursday I only worked a half day, and got home in time to finish packing our tailgate supplies. Scott and Millie got here around lunch, and we took them to our favorite spot in Warner Robins (Saigon Noodle House!!)  Then it was time to head to Atlanta for the concert!

We made it to Atlanta at around 4:00 and parked the car. The Scott and Tara met us there with their supplies. We set up camp and immediately the drinking/people spotting began. I swear to goodness, you will see things at a Buffett concert that you will never see anywhere else.  Tara claims she saw Kenny Chesney and proceeded to chase him down for a picture. I throw the bullshit card on that one.

Long story short, the concert finally started at 8:00. Lots o' drinking, dancing, and Jimmy music followed. I was disappointed that he didn't play any of the "ballads" that I love, but he did play "Big Ole' Goofy World" which was cool. We had a blast and everyone returned home safely. Here's to a few Jimmy virgins who are no longer and to many concerts for years to come!

For a set list, see

* Certain details of this event have been left out to preserve the integrity/pride of the individuals described above.

On Friday, Brett and I decided to head to the Braves game, even though we had just driven to ATL the day before. We got on StubHub and managed to get some kick-ass tickets, 3rd row up from the field in left. Of course, I would have preferred to have an unadulterated view of Jeffrey in right, but no dice. We did get to sit with a whole group of friends, and despite the outcome of the game had a good time. Lauren and Cliff's little girl Emmie is too adorable for words (baby lust in full force ensued.) The fireworks show after the game was amazing! 

Random note of the day: Bring back the old Iron Chef! Iron Chef America sucks in comparison. How was Battle Corn even a challenge? I also miss miss Iron Chef Sakai and his crazy concoctions. Cod and vodka ice cream with fried fish skin, anyone? 

Upcoming blog: a fitness resolution/breakthrough plus some awesome running music.  

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