Monday, June 30, 2008

Some serious thinking...and shoes.

Big news this week: Brett has been offered a position in the PhD program at UGA. I am so proud of him and excited for the opportunity. Now for the bad news- more time commuting back and forth. Brett graduates with his master's in December, and I was super-excited for him to move in our house full-time. Now it looks like he will be splitting his time between Athens and here. At least he is more than one hour closer- and we'll both officially be in the same state! I have at least two more years here in Warner Robins before my time commitment is up, and then it's big decision time. I have a few options:

1. Stay in the military. Go for the job at Fort Gordon that I've been looking at. Possibly be a working mom sometime in the sooner-rather-than-later time frame. 

2. Get out of the military and try to be a stay at home mommy for a while.

3. Get out of the military and find a civilian job. No clue what I am qualified to do, although I will be done with my master's in December, so that helps.

4. Go to law school, preferably at UGA. Put off the new addition for an indefinite about of time.

Quote of the week from Brett's dad, "Can't you go to law school and be a mom at the same time?" Followed by me laughing hysterically.


And to lighten up the mood of this post, here are a few pictures of the shoes I'm lusting for. When I pinned on (got promoted) last month, I promised myself a luxury pair as a present to myself. A few of the ones I'm looking at:


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John Cobb said...

Change is good, but too much of anything can be bad. I heard some good advice for financing that may apply: figure out what's important to your goals and ask yourself if it will help you achieve your goals or not. just a thought... :)