Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm disturbed.

I saw this link in someone else's blog, and, since I was bored anyway, decided to check it out. I know that the video is obviously over-dramatized to make a point, but the bottom line is truthful. I double-checked using the non-biased, and it proves the point. I try to avoid political topics at all costs, but my heart won't let this one pass by.


Jenny said...

Oh, my God. I can see it's over-dramatized, but it's true. If you open up the Yellow Pages to "abortions" in our phone book there's an ad that boasts "abortions to 20 weeks." This breaks my heart because at 18.5 weeks my mom, dad, husband and I were sitting in a dark ultrasound room joyously waiting to find out if Suzi was a girl or boy. She was a real person. She tucked her head down because it was cold outside. She was my daughter. (I am probably going to make enemies here, but oh well.) Anyone who could look at such an amazing sight and then kill her own child must be a stone-hearted creep. I can understand early abortions in situations such as rape or incest, but there are women who wait until the baby could live outside the womb and then decide to get an abortion. There are even partial-birth abortions in which the person performing the procedure reaches up and murders the baby while he is still inside the mother. (Because, technically, he's not a person--YET.) Anybody caught performing one can now face a few measly months in jail. I don't even think I'm going to vote now. My heart says no to all.

Emily said...

We share the exact same feelings on this one. I do believe that their are situations in which VERY early abortions are necessary (like the ones you mentioned), but isn't Plan B a much better option in horrible situations like that? I don't understand the motivation behind waiting months to decide to terminate your pregnancy. I am so disturbed by the whole concept of abandoning those babies that I truly feel like everyone should know.

Jenny said...

After reading Alice Sebold's Lucky, I can understand a little more of the psychology behind a rape and perhaps why a woman wouldn't want to run straight to the doctor and get a Plan B pill. However, there needs to be a cutoff! I actually know of one girl who was raped, got Plan B and ended up having the baby and raising him after it didn't work. I really respect that.

I've heard so many "pro-choicers" say "If you don't like abortions, don't have one!" That is just ludicrous. I feel for all babies. Many of these same people are rightfully heartbroken over animals being euthanized in shelters even though they aren't their pets, so this rationale makes no sense to me.