Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm ready for spring!

Despite how crappy I've been feeling (see post below), I managed to motivate myself enough to get some "outside" work done. The weather was beautiful this weekend, and I figured that if I had to throw up, at least I was outside! 

Grabbing the loppers, I cut back our crepe myrtles, and no, I did not crepe-murder them. So many people (especially in my neighborhood) do, and I whenever I see it, I just want to walk up, ring their doorbell, and educate them on the correct way to prune them. So sad! If you have crepe myrtles and want to avoid my ire, check out this link on how successfully complete this task. 

I also trimmed back the numerous bushes surrounding our house. I contemplated pruning my knock-out rose, but according to the experts, I should wait one more year. I almost didn't mind, because despite my love for pruning, I am proud of how big my double-pink is, and the shape is still decent. 

Finally, I ordered my seeds! YAYYY!!! I cannot wait to get them in the soil. I'm going to start most of them inside, and move them outside later. However, the lettuces and microgreens will stay inside for the most part, as I take advantage of my awesome new grow-light setup! Here is a list of everything I ordered. The total was about $75, but when I think about how much food that number represents, I'm totally happy. Just yesterday I was drooling thinking about how last summer for EVERY meal I had a salad with sliced cucumbers, green peppers, banana peppers, beans, tomatoes, basalmic vinegar, and olive oil. There's nothing better than eating veggies still warm from the sun! 

By the way, I bought my seeds from Heirloom Acres Seeds. They have an awesome selection, and most seeds are untreated and open-pollinated. If you have any questions about my selections, just let me know :-) 

Manalucie Tomato- for eating fresh
Roma Tomato- for making spaghetti/pizza sauce
Provider Green Beans- for canning
Blue Lake Bush Green Bean

Speckled Dixie Butterpea Baby Lima Bean- Brett loves butterbeans!

Fordhook Bush Lima Bean

Edamame Soy, Beer Friend- who doesn't love edamame?

Golden Bantam Yellow Sweet Corn

True Lemon Cucumber- awesome cucumbers that look exactly like little lemons! 

Homemade Pickles Cucumber- for obvious reasons

Straight Eight Slicing Cucumber

Heirloom Acres Spring Lettuce Mix

Mammoth Melting Sugar Snow Pea
Ancho/Poblano Pepper

Habanero Pepper Orange- for my father-in-law- he loves the hot, hot, hot peppers!

Golden Summer Crookneck Squash

California Wonder Bell Pepper

Sweet Banana Pepper

Earliglow- strawberry plants!

Salad Greens Mix
Some Like it Hot!- a blend of different tomatoes that love hot weather
Little Bits of Tomato Heaven!- lots of different cherry tomatoes- I'll grow these in pots

The Best in Taste!- yummiest heirloom tomatoes out there in awesome different colors! 

Pumpkin Baby Bear- cute little pumpkins that don't take up too much room 


LeatherneckJoe said...

I am also ready to be rid of our cold and snow covered landscape. I would respectfully submit Garden Harvest Supply as a good online resource for garden seeds and also potted vegetable plants. http://www.gardenharvestsupply.com/home/

Emily said...

Thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely check out the site :-)