Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just keep running, just keep running.

I love running.

I am allowed (by my midwife) to keep running as long as I can, as long as I a) listen to my body, and b) don't have any scary encounters with spotting, cramping, etc.

The plan is to keep running until it becomes impossible, then switch over to swimming. 

Running makes me forget how sick I am, (and for you worrywarts out there, the rule is: no food staying down, no running), helps me stay in tune with my body, and makes me feel "normal." I also like that research shows that women who are in shape generally have quicker labors and recover their pre-baby bodies much sooner than those who aren't.

I finished a 5K today...slow, slow, slow, by my usual standards, but I finished (and managed to beat a few people along the way.) Cool :-)



Beth said...

That's awesome that you are able to run. I know somebody else who ran while pregnant, and she kept doing it until she was afraid balance might be an issue.

Emily said...

That's my plan too. As soon as running gets too uncomfortable, I'll start swimming full time. I just want to make it until the weather gets warm enough to swim outside!