Sunday, March 1, 2009

Maternity jean dreams....

FYI: This is going to be a rant.

I'm at the 12 week mark, and very few of my pants fit me because of this unfortunate combo:
a) I lost so much weight from morning sickness 
 b) I'm showing early

The only pants that do work are my most low-rise ones, and then they are:
a) Comfortable because they don't constrict my belly
b) Falling off because I don't have a butt anymore

So despite the fact that I already bought two Bella Bands, which are:
a) Not as convenient as I thought 
 b) Not as comfortable as I wish

I set out to buy a pair or two of maternity jeans. Which was drama because:
a) So few stores actually carry them  
 b) If they do carry them they are too short for me; I need a  34" inseam, not the standard 32" 
c) They cost a million dollars

I searched the internet, hoping to score a pair of Sevens or Citizens of Humanity on sale, not realizing that:
a) Even on sale, most run $150+ 
 b) I am not morally opposed to spending $100 on jeans,  but I AM NOT spending $200 

I drove all the way to and around Macon, and could not find anything that either:
a) Fit me in length 
 b) Was reasonably priced

Defeated, I returned home, reevaluated my spending priorities, and hit up Gap and Old Navy Maternity online. Bingo. 
a) 34" inseam available at both 
b) Both are having big sales right now

Are they as cute as the designer ones I crave? No. But they are long, dark, lean, and $25, and that's enough for now. Maybe when I get my tax return......

You may be asking yourself, why not just buy them in the store? Well, that's because none of the Gap(s) and Old Navy(s) I shopped in carried the maternity lines. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

BTW: If you are willing to shell out the dough, here is an awesome place to shop: Sierra Maternity


Jenny said...

Wow, that is rough. The Bella Bands are good at times, but they weren't when I was morning sick. I'd start to feel sick while I was in the car and I'd have to wrestle my way out of the thing before I could feel any better. It was like it was too tight or something. I am morally opposed to paying $100 for jeans though, or even more than $50, so I had to wear the Bella Band. It can be so challenging to stay outfitted in decent looking clothes throughout a pregnancy. When spring comes, dresses will once again be my best friends. Although I will probably have to buy some new ones because I am not gaining as much weight with this baby.

Ed and Elizabeth said...

Yeah I found that the Gap maternity seemed to be the best. You find the maternity in the back of the Gap Kids stores...I know right, who would have thought? It doesn't matter though b/c like you I need the longs and they don't usually carry them in the store, you have to go online. They still fit even now and they're all I wear. For cheap, but cute shirts go to Old Navy Maternity. :)