Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back to the grind....

So going back to work this week after last week's amazing beach vacation has been really rough. I ended up dropping one of my master's classes due (mostly) to the incredibly asinine nature of my professor (I won't mention his name here- but if you're taking intelligence classes through AMU let me know, and I'll fill you in.) I feel better (i.e. less stressed) already! However, between preparing for a deployment, keeping the house/garden in order, my dogs, work, an upcoming trip to PA, and my remaining master's class, I still feel really overwhelmed at times. Hopefully I will get up the ambition to put up some jalapeno peppers this week (still debating drying them vs. freezing.) My garden went kind of nuts while I was gone, and now I'm loaded down with veggies. If you have experience in this area please feel free to fill me in on what's worked for you. I'm especially looking for ways to use up cucumbers (besides pickles!)

Here's one of my favorite pictures from the beach, featuring Brett, my parents, and I. More pictures are posted on my Facebook if you're interested. 

This week I will also work on a review of Eat, Pray, Love, assuming I finish it in the next few days. So far I think the author reaffirms many of my beliefs concerning the relationships connecting the major world religions, as well as the similarities between them. OH- and in super exciting news- I received my packet from the National Midwifery Institute with the application, paperwork, course descriptions, schedules, etc. etc. As soon as I get caught up I plan on sitting down and reading through it thoroughly. It will have to wait until I get some, well, less exciting but more necessary stuff down around the house- I'm sort of saving it as a treat.

More later- when I have more ambition and less "actual work" to do......

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