Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Peaches/weekend/announcement of a coming announcement

What a great weekend we had! On Thursday I headed up to Clemson with the dogs, and that night I actually made Spiced Pickled Peaches for the first time.  My grandma used to make them every year, and she would always serve them with cottage cheese. YUM! Most of the recipe was easy- the only pain-in-the-butt part was peeling the peaches; the boiling-then-ice water technique helped, but there's no getting around the idea that peeling 40+ peaches sucks. I'll have a better update when we actually EAT some of the ones I canned! I would definitely recommend trying it, though. There's nothing like putting up cans of your own food.  I'm really making the effort to preserve fresh food (especially the stuff I grow). Incidentally, the dill pickles I made a couple weeks ago turned out delicious. Brett's grandma gave them the stamp of approval- and that's a huge deal! I may have to make another batch this week with the way my cucumbers are growing. 

On Friday we headed up to Charleston. Between the beach, being on a catamaran when it capsized, lots of time spent with good friends, shopping, and good food, I had an awesome time! We got back in Clemson on Sunday, so yesterday (while Brett was working in Athens- damn bees) we had Mommy-Savannah-Charleston day. I took the dogs over to Bowman to play catch for a while, then for ice cream. And man, do my dogs love ice cream! I think they get it from their mom :0)  Aren't they adorable? We finished off the day on the lake.  It was sooooo hard to go back to work today! At least our week-long beach vacay is coming up in 10 DAYS!

An update on last post: I happened to be in CVS the day after I posted, and happened to be checking out the deodorant aisle, and not only was Crystal there, but it was ON SALE! Yippee! I have been using it all week (including laying out on the beach) and I have no complaints so far. It's pretty cool that you can smell good without smelling all perfume-y. Consider this my endorsement!

Finally, I have a sort of big announcement regarding my post-military career. However, it will take a really long time to explain what I want to do and why, so I'm saving that post for later tonight or tomorrow. Suffice it to say, I will have to go back to school for a couple years. But I am so excited about the prospect and can't wait to share my plans! 

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